Rubber Manufacturing

Production Portfolio


Our company's primary focus is manufacturing precision moulded rubber products for the automobile industry that meet the most demanding quality criteria defined by our customers thanks to their precise specifications.

Since 1990 our company has been dedicated to manufacturing products made from raw rubber with applications primarily in the auto industry. We provide our customers with quality products made from technical-grade rubbers and we are also involved in the process of developing products with our customers.
We are a dynamic and expanding company with a line of products comprised of rubber components of the highest quality.

The combination of the latest technology and our know-how across a broad range of complex manufacturing processes mean we are able to meet the most demanding specifications of our automotive industry customers.

We cooperate with the SWELL CZ development and testing centre on various activities where we test specific properties to meet customer specifications.

"Achieving the highest satisfaction of all stakeholders and ensuring our company remains healthy, productive and competitive have become our everyday credo."