Our company focuses on the manufacturing of precision rubber components, specifically products with exacting specifications demands in terms of precise dimensions, exceptional functionality and long service lives. Nearly all our manufacturing activities are focused on delivering components for the automobile industry.

The company specializes in delivery rubber brake system components.

Brake booster membranes:                                                                                                Brake cylinder seals:
brake_system_VAZ.jpg                brake_system_VAZ_sectional.jpg                                           Brzdov___valec_zadn__.jpg                                                                                            


Other Products:

Silent blocks, bushings for cables and tubing, sealing sleeves, bumpers, seals, dust boots, etc. Rubber products may also be integrated with metals, plastics, fabrics and foils.

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Processed Materials:

We work with all commonly used rubber mixtures including NR, SBR, EPDM, NBR, HNBR, ACM, CR, ECO, VMQ, FVMQ, FKM and others. Materials can also be delivered in a full range of colour combinations.


Moulding Technologies:

At our company there are three basic types of vulcanization technologies applied to rubber mixtures, where the most important variables in the process are temperature, time and pressure. Vulcanization cannot achieve the requirements for the finished product without precise definition of these variables.

CM - (compression moulding) compression moulding is a production technology in which the raw mixture is placed directly into the mould forms and where the product is shaped inside the closed form with vulcanization also taking place after the product is formed. Excess mixture is pressed out of the form itself.

TM - (transfer moulding) transfer moulding is a production technology in which the raw mixture is transferred from a cylindrical tank through jets and into forms, thereby filling the forms in which the mixture is then vulcanized. The material in the cylindrical tank remains fresh as it is isolated from the forms.

IM - (injection moulding) injection moulding is a production technology in which the raw mixture is automatically fed from a hopper to reciprocating screw drive and is then dosed into the injection unit, which transports the material to the individual forms on the mould using special channels. This is the most efficient technology in terms of production as the values of the injection mixture can be changed using a number of different parameters inside the reciprocating screw drive section.