These components are used in vehicles to protect and isolate cabling and tubing where such components pass through other components. Their primary purpose is to prevent any possible damage caused by the sharp edges of other components or materials. These components are primarily produced using an EMDM mixture.


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pt530-1.jpg  pt557-1.jpg    pt584-1.jpg pt614-01.jpg pt620-5.jpgpt625-1.jpg


pt629-1.jpgpt649-1.jpgpt651-2.jpgpt679-1.jpg pt687-cerny.jpg pt694-2.jpg


Their diverse range of applications is clear given their distinctive and individual designs. Components are produced to a high level of precision in order to precisely fit in the designed penetration and to ensure that the items passing through the bushing (wire harnesses, tubing, control cables, etc.) are properly sealed and that dirt or liquids cannot penetrate through.