The seals we produce for our customers have a range of shapes and applications. The shape of each seal and the type of mixture used during production depends on the specific application of the seal. Seals are made from the following materials:



02 12 778-1.jpg02_12_944_1.jpg02 13 056-1.jpg02 76 36_A.jpg02 13 057-1.jpg02 13 363-1.jpg

02 13 364-1.jpgPT 631_2.jpg02 3685_A.jpg02 13 365-1.jpg0310800-1.jpgpt653-1.jpg

pt657-1.jpgpt658-1.jpg72 4778-3.jpgpt465-1.jpg02 10295_1.jpg72 47 29-1.jpg


The previous images show that seals can be made from a single material, such as rubber, or may integrate other materials such as metal or plastic. One of the most important properties of any seal is high DVR strength as most of these components are subjected to mechanical loads.