High demands are placed on these components in terms of their isolation properties as this is their basic function (to isolate components from impact or vibration, etc.). NR mixtures that meet the specific requirements of the application are most commonly used for such components. These components are finished to varying degrees of hardness depending on the working loads of the finished products. A few models are provided as examples.


pt164-1.jpg            pt609-1.jpg       pt610-1.jpg        pt641-1.jpg


pt642-1.jpg       pt675-1.jpg           pt676-1.jpg       pt677-1.jpg


More are not shown simply because their appearances are so similar. The most common type combines a metal core on which vulcanized rubber is applied. These are most commonly applied on shock absorber, axle, motor and transmission mounts. The components have a high level of dimensional precision in order to properly operate without any deviations.