Quality Policy

  • We'll strive to meet all specifications and to continuously improve the efficiency of our quality management system thanks to continuous management efforts and other efforts to improve performance in all aspects of our activities.
  • We'll complete delivery of first-class and flawless products at the time and place you need them with great service in order to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction.
  • We'll maintain and improve the environment through activities focused on reducing the use of resources and reducing the generation of wastes and other substances that harm the environment by selecting the right suppliers.
  • We'll ensure a high level of knowledge among company employees.
  • We'll enhance communication with employees at all levels inside the company.
  • We'll keep company employees informed at all levels of management of quality results in the form of a monthly quality report.
  • We'll develop partnership with our current and potential customers and suppliers in order to increase the efficiency of our business relationships.
  • We'll deliberately and economically manage all company resources in order to achieve the highest levels of efficiency at the lowest costs in order to generate adequate profits needed to continue to develop the company.
  • We'll maintain competitiveness for customers on the eastern market.